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By: Yola Education | Posted: Tue, 04/28/2020 - 10:54

A meaningful Saturday has passed by with meaningful activities carried out by Yolans. With milliliters of blood donated voluntarily to save the lives of needy patients, we really make a positive impact on our community.

In the early morning of February 15, 2020, preparations for YOLA Blood Donation event were readily set up to welcome all Yolans. To assure the safety of blood donors’ health, doctors and medical staff from Cho Ray hospital directly gave counseling and conducted the blood donating procedure.

YOLA has successfully organized a meaningful event of Blood Donation, especially in the midst of Coronavirus outbreak. All of our donors dedicated to the voluntary work with cheerful attitudes and utmost satisfaction. By that practical support, together we have spread the humanitarian movement of community activities.

In the alarming outbreak of Coronavirus these days, YOLA paid serious attention to sterilization and personal hygiene and implemented preventive methods for the sake of those participating in the Blood Donation event. In addition, the event organizers also prepared snack and soft drink for all the blood donors to recharge their energy.

YOLA Blood Donation event has attracted massive attention and enthusiastic participation from our beloved staff and teachers. Not only that, this event of YOLA also reached out to a considerable number of participants from other companies and institutions.

 “SHARE BLOOD – GIVE LIVES” would like to express our deepest gratitude to those who showed up and joined YOLA in this amazing sharing event.

We truly appreciate the love and sharing that all Yolans have dedicated to our community. In the near future, we hope to continue having all of you in our humanitarian events like this.

Many milliliters of blood have been donated as life-saving gifts from Yolans to those in need and what we have in return is a wonderful Saturday spreading the love spirit of YOLA.


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